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How COVID-19 Impacts the Voice Technology Landscape

This blog was written by Joel Evans, Alexa Champion, co-founder of The Voice Advisors, Inc. and Executive Advisor, Unified Communications and Emerging Technologies at Infused Innovations, Inc.


A crisis can create new conditions and the need to adopt new habits, and the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed just about everything we do. It changed the way we work, communicate, and socialize, with technology being on the forefront and driver of many of those changes. The pandemic has forced industries to embrace technology in new ways, and in a new world suddenly fearful of touch, voice control quickly turned from a “nice to have” feature to a “must-have”.

“Since the pandemic, hygiene has been at the forefront of our everyday lives. Imagine a future where you use your voice-enabled device to navigate your day, avoiding all surface touchpoints. ”

The 2020 Adobe Voice Survey reported an overall increase in the usage of voice assistants, user confidence, and a growing demand for voice access in more devices, apps, and services and the demand for voice recognition and enhancement technologies is on the rise, especially considering that 85% of Americans now own a smartphone (Pew Research). At Native Voice, we see voice as a technology catalyst. It’s no longer only about simple use cases like ‘what’s the weather and ‘set a timer’, voice is becoming the fastest adopted technology in human history. In a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 72% of consumers said they’ve used a voice assistant, with adoption being driven primarily by younger users and households with children. When you think of how we approach touch in our everyday life, from the door and car handles, grocery stores, and elevator buttons, to kiosks, screens, and navigating through airports, touch-based interfaces are the most common ways for us to interact with our environment. Today, the most common touchless authentication methods include palm scans, where users hold their palm about six inches above the reader, and voice recognition and iris scans. Since the pandemic, hygiene has been at the forefront of our everyday lives. Imagine a future where you use your voice-enabled device to navigate your day, avoiding all surface touchpoints. This would not only halt the transmission of touch-transmitted germs but also change the landscape of how Voice is used in the future. A few industry leaders such as MasterCard have recently announced the rollout of voice-tech kiosks for touchless ordering and payment. Fiserv will deploy technology that will activate the pump at more than 11, 500 gas stations nationwide, and this is just the tip of the iceberg in the rapidly evolving world of voice technology, which is being kicked into high gear thanks to rising customer safety concerns during the pandemic. The future holds myriad possibilities for a more touch-free environment and as consumers gain more confidence in using voice assistants, the need to move beyond just Alexa and Google will become more prevalent as consumers integrate a brands voice assistant into their everyday lives. This interaction between consumer and brand needs to be frictionless and that’s where Native Voice comes in. Thanks to Native Voice consumers can seamlessly interact with a brand’s voice assistant using just their voice, never touching a device. Imagine a touchless world where you ask “hey Dominos, when is my pizza going to be ready” and “hey Uber, I need a ride” all in one breathe, using just your voice. That’s Native Voice. Native Voice | Command Your Day Get early access to the Native Voice Android app: Native Voice - Apps on Google Play Learn more about Native Voice at: Native Voice Follow our company updates on LinkedIn: Native Voice: Overview | LinkedIn

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